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F-stop Gear – Lotus – fieldtest

23. Januar 2016

Yesterday I was just taking some landscape images in the south of the Netherlands. First time snow here this winter…stop heating up the earth!

Testing the #FstopGear #Lotus in black. Equiped with a Shallow Medium #ICU. This ICU offers enough space to pack my #Sony 7RII and a couple of Carl Zeiss manual focus Contax C/Y lenses (16-fisheye, 28, 35, 50, 85, 135mm). Some small ND filters packed in the F-stop Gear #DigiBuddy (just a tip to F-stop…make it more wide…so the 10cm wide ND filters can fit!). And some other small stuff. But there is still a lot of space left for some maps, food and a jacket.

F stop gear Lotus Black - ALL4pro aIn one of the side pockets I normally carry my 1L coffee bottle…no hiking without coffee. But guess what..I forgot the bottle. But fortunatly I did not forget my FLM lightweight Carbon fibre tripod (German made!). They make damn good Tripods. I also have Gitzo (heavy-metal), Manfrotto (metal), Induro (carbon). But the FLM beats them all. The best tripod I ever had and worked with. Okay, they are expensive but worth all your money. It’s a pitty they are not going to make them anymore…according to the rumors :-(. I Hope it are only rumors. To late to sell them via www.ALL4pro.EU???

The FLM I always carry in the other side pocket of the #Lotus. Just one leg in the pocket and the others stick to the Lotus with the side straps. Unless you want to carry your tripod in the middle, you’ll need a pair of small F-stop Gear #Gatekeepers.

Do I like the F-stop Lotus? Yes, and I’m not telling this because I’m a dealer of F-stop Gear. I also sell ALPA and Seitz Roundshot gear….because it’s the best and most beautiful camera equipment ever made! And yes, in my opinion, F-stop gear does make damn good backpacks. They just fit well, they are rugged, do have a smart design,  look nice, and do not cost much. And of course the ICU’s are great! Do I have backpack experience…yes, I have. I used to have LowePro, ThinkTank, Evoc and Kata (now Manfrotto branded). And sold them all. I had some doubts between the MindShift and F-stop. I tested them both and decided F-stop is and was the best choice for me.

Next time…the heavy packed F-stop Lotus experience.


PS. Do you want to share your F-stop Gear experience too? Just send me your story…if possible with one or more images and I will publish it.


F stop gear Lotus Black - ALL4pro F stop gear Lotus Black - ALL4pro b


During this small experience review we used:

  • F-stop gear – Lotus 32L – Black
  • F-stop gear – Digi Buddy
  • F-stop gear – ICU Medium Shallow